Published for the Hindu Metroplus in May 2012.


When one of the most iconic artists in the music industry decides to cut another album, there is an entire whirlwind of promotion to go along with it. Madonna’s latest album ‘MDNA’ has had a good run on the music charts; her starry performance at the Super Bowl halftime show was watched by more people than the actual Super Bowl game. This certainly adds to the hype.

As you can guess by the curious title of the album, Madonna still wants be the outrageous queen she has been over the past thirty years. With her live performances showcasing risqué dance moves and the music videos jolting the public airwaves, Madonna is no stranger to censorship.

Though she refused to answer non-album related questions, the most recent bit of publicity emerged from her music video ‘Girl Gone Wild’, which was placed under a viewing restriction by YouTube. Regarding the +18 tag slapped on by the website, she only says, “I guess the response has been great so far and people have liked it. I think it’s got over 9 million views which is simply amazing.”

It has been four years since her last album ‘Hard Candy’ was released, and ‘MDNA’ follows a similar formula successfully. The former had Justin Timberlake, and the latter has MIA and Nicki Minaj. Also included on the album is a remix by LMFAO. She says about her collaborations: “LMFAO are pure joy and their sense of humour is simply incredible. They just crack me up and were awesomely easy to work with.  I’m really delighted to have worked with them.  M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj don’t just play on their sexuality and I think in their own right they are badasses.”

Though with her directorial venture ‘W.E.’ last year critics quipped Madonna would do well to hang on to her day job, ‘MDNA’ has seen positive to above-average reviews. This probably still proves the pop star’s ability to stay current, if not ever-relevant in the music scene. She says, “The album has ballads, up-tempo tracks and there’s romance and humour. I am extremely excited about my upcoming tour as well.”

Madonna’s world tour promoting the album will start at the end of this month. Kicking off in Tel Aviv, other cities mapped on the tour include Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Florence, Amsterdam and Moscow, in addition to the usual metros Paris, London, Berlin and Milan among a host of other cities across Europe, followed by a North and South American tour.

Her last visit to India was in 2008, on holiday. Although she does not promise anything, she says, “I would love to perform in India and when it’s on the cards I’ll let you know.”